How To Determine Medical Billing Scams

Medical billing services is budding around the the world. A lot of medical organizations are inclined to outsourcing medical billing agencies to maximize their financial health and give the best service to their patients. However, the onset of a lot of these opportunities doesn’t always mean they can do a job well done for you. It’s important to be fully aware and knowledgeable of medical billing scams that may put your practice in jeopardy.

Some signals that determine if a medical billing service is a scam are:

1. The Medical Billing Services Provider Has No Medical Billing Compliances

If you see that the agency doesn’t have legal compliances like HIPAA and HCPCS, you won’t expect them to follow mandated medical billing standards.

2. The Provider Has No Physical Address or Works Online.

It would take you years to become a certified medical biller, and this kind of business needs an expert that can understand medical terminologies and be able to give out e-prescriptions which is why they work as an agency, and must have a physical address to comply to state laws and other healthcare organization requirements.

3. Non-disclosure of Reports or Billing Process

If there is a non-disclosure of reports or a very broad explanation of the medical billing service process, then there’s a big chance that the agency is up to no good.

4. Unreasonable Charging

Over-the-top charges happen for a reason, but when a medical billing agency adds hidden charges that have not been discussed or is too good to be true, better be safe and quit the transaction before you sign the contract.

5. Absence of Certified Staff or Representatives

Qualified medical billing staff are not only known for their degrees, but their ability to handle technical errors in a professional manner. Ensure that the agency you choose are certified and well-trained staff that can be able to educate and troubleshoot problems occurring from the EHR or EMR.

Indicators that the medical billing service provided is a scam may include one or more of these signals. Always validate your medical billing service provider by checking them from a list of certified medical billers to avoid putting your practice in much trouble. This serious problem can deeply affect the reputation of your organization if you are unaware. Tell other groups or individuals with a medical practice by sharing this blog to them.

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