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Enterprise Class Support

Enterprise Class Support

Imagine having a staff of back-office support team members with experience in handling the needs of clients in over 30 states with over 70 support members! Our team is one of the largest companies in the industry providing the highest level of support to our growing list
of national clients!

The great news for you looking to get started in the business of Medical Billing and Practice Management is that you can begin utilizing our back-office support from day one – right out of training! Let your prospective clients know that you’re backed by a team of industry professionals leading the industry through faster and higher reimbursements!

Our lifetime support is geared to ensuring not only your long-term success but also the long-term success of your clients. Our support is far superior than what you would find in a traditional business opportunity or franchise concept (just ask one of our licensees)! Our support includes webinars, weekly conference calls, on-site on-going training (at your location), and even workflow development at your client’s site!

Our goal is to help you create passive residual income – allowing you and your family the flexibility to create the business you’ve always dreamed of! When you have a prospective client interested in services, our team is just a call away – whether you need pricing assistance, guidance creating a proposal, or assistance once you’ve landed the client and are performing billing form them – we’re there when you need us!

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