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Preferred Pricing Example Profit With EMR Vendors

As an example a 5 provider practice comes to you to provide an EMR and Billing software solution for their expanding Urgent Care practice. You (with the help of our training staff,) present two different solutions with two different price points and two different levels of customization. Ultimately the practice chooses to move forward with one of the solutions that has a hard cost of $10,500 for implementation. You charge the client $21,500 and include a scanner that costs $750 in order to secure the contract. You then charge the client a total of $400 per month per provider for on-going support of the software – your cost is just $275. You profit $10,250 from the setup fee and an additional $625 monthly for the on-going support fees. Your first year total profit from this client’s software related expenses is: $17,750. The great thing about this example is it’s a real example that was closed by a Standard Business Package Licensee and the client choose to move forward with their billing services as well adding even more additional revenue!

EMR Example

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