Masters Program

Master's Program for Medical Billers

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3 Days Training in YOUR Location!

A member of our consulting team will fly to wherever your business is based. We will spend three full days out in the field showing you exactly what’s needed to get the business off the ground and profitable quickly! This isn’t for the faint of heart – our goal is to spend as much time throughout these three days to ensure your success for years to come!

We’ve Been There

Our founders, Mr. Nager and Mr. Smith both invested over $20k each in a “Medical Billing Training Program” and ultimately spent the year following this course trying to figure out all the things they didn’t get trained on that they needed to know in order to be successful in the business of Medical Billing. This short, 3 day on-site (in the field) training teaches you all the things necessary to avoid wasting a year of time and tens of thousands of dollars.

We’ll help train your sales reps!

While we’re in your city, we’re all yours – our goal is simple, to get your business profitable as quickly as possible. Remember, this is your business so you may choose to work part-time in the business with a full-time sales rep being your main lead generator. We’ll help you through the process of getting your sales team developed and trained to build your business to whatever level you desire!

A Small Investment into Your Future

Think about the reason you’re wanting to build this business and the dreams you have for it. Now imagine obtaining those goals in less than half the time. For as little as $3,000 you will have a coach with you in the field assisting you through the process of knocking on doors, building referrals, and getting your first appointment!

We Want Your Business
to be Profitable

More and more medical billing businesses are going out of business for two main reasons – first is due to lack of profitability – second is due to struggling to get the first client. Our goal is to ensure your profitable future from the time our trainers leave your location.

Guaranteed Way to Get in To Speak with the Decision Maker!

Unlike any of our competitors, Quest Consulting Services has developed a way that guarantees you to get in the door of a doctor’s office! We’ve had recent Masters Program graduates obtain clients while in training!

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