How Much Does It Cost?

How Much do the Standard and Elite Business Packages Cost?

Our “Standard Business Package” includes a total of 5 business days in Orlando, FL as well as everything listed below. The total cost for this package is: $7,499

Our “Elite Business Package” includes everything the “Standard Business Package” includes but adds an additional 3 full days of on-site training in a city of your choice. This is best for those with limited sales experience. The total cost for this package is: $9,999

Software & Services

  • BillNOWBillNOW – Claims filing and practice management systems
  • EMRNOWEMRNOW – Choose the Electronic Medical Records Solution that fits the needs of the practice
  • PayNOWPatientPayNOW – Patient payment services with affordable statement processing
  • AuditNOWAuditNOW – Audit services designed to protect assets of the practice
  • CollectNOWCollectNOW – Affordable collections services
  • CredentialNOWCredentialNOW – Credentialing Services
  • BillNOWCodingNOW – Coding services to prepare physicians for the ICD-10 cross-over
  • ComplianceNOWComplianceNOW – HIPAA Compliance Training for practices

Marketing Materials (Over 4,000 Pieces)

  • BillNOW practice questionnaire – You need to identify their billing pain quickly
  • Professionally Designed Web Site – 5 professionally designed options to choose from
  • 2000 Specifically Created Full Color Flyers to get you in the door quickly – 5 professionally designed options to choose from (matching your website design)
  • 2000 Specifically Designed Full Color Tri-Fold Brochures – 5 professionally designed options to choose from (matching your website design)
  • Downloadable copies of all Marketing letters, Flyers, Faxes, Press Releases, Scripts, Proposals, Cover letters, PowerPoint Presentations


  • One Seat at Live Training Workshop in Orlando, Florida for five (5) days
  • Elite Business Package licensees receive three (3) additional days of training in a city of their choice
  • 200+ page reference manual
  • Online Software Training through our many EMR Vendors – You are NOT tied to any one EMR Solution
  • Live Telephone Support – We will help close YOUR accounts as we will talk with your physicians
  • As part of your ongoing support, Quest Consulting Service holds conference calls and GoToMeetings that educate and motivate you. Here is a sampling of the types of topics we cover:
    • How To Build Your Business Profitably – It is more important to know what NOT to do
    • How To Obtain Referrals – It is more than doing a great job.
    • Understanding Pricing the Proposal To Get The Account – it must be a win-win for all parties
    • How to Understand and Ask to proper questions to the physician
    • How to follow up on the proposal – proper steps must be in place
    • How Our Services Apply to General Businesses – You must understand all of your offerings
    • How to Hire, Train and Pay Sales Reps – You will need to know this once you understand the basics
    • How to Keep Track of Your Prospects – Why spend the time obtaining prospects if you do not follow up?
    • Role-playing Provider Responses – On-going support and training are a must
    • How to Promote Seminars and Webinars – you need the proper message and create the need
    • Trade Shows – Understanding the Pros and Cons will save you thousands of dollars
    • Basic Terminology for Medical Billers – You need to talk the talk with providers
    • How to Effectively Market all of the services your new business offers
    • How to Follow the Life of a Processed Claim – and be able to effectively explain to the physician
    • How Quest Consulting Services Can Help You Succeed in Medical Billing – we are always just a phone call away to help
    • Explaining how to set up your First Appointment Presentation – this is the discovery stage
    • Explaining how to effectively close your account after the Proposal Presentation
    • Why Practices Need the AuditNOW service
    • Marketing the CollectNOW Service
    • How to Get Past the Gatekeeper with ComplianceNOW – Proven System that works over 50% of the time
    • Learn the importance of CodeNOW – ICD-10 starts in 20015 and many practices are NOT ready
    • Understanding the Keys to Success in Medical Billing – What are you willing to WORK for?

Lifetime Support

  • Lifetime Support by Phone, Email
  • Lifetime Support for all Software Systems
  • Client Referrals – We have the referrals when you need them