Elite Business Package

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Expert Training

Our trainers are experienced trainers – however not professional trainers. We’re business owners and industry experts with experience in what works and what doesn’t. Our team of trainers includes certified coders, business executives, and medical billing experts with an average of 20+ years of experience!

Optional 1-on-1

Unlike any of our competitors, our sessions are tailor made and can be in a one-on-one setting when necessary. Traditional business opportunities are set in large classrooms with limited personal instruction. Get the tools you want and deserve by cutting down on large class size.

Immediate Support

The statistics are evident – most businesses do not make it past two years. Our goal is to create a foundation of a business that will last a lifetime. From corporation formation, to business name selection, to website and marketing material design and development, to setting goals – our goal is your success.


8 Days Training

Unlike any of our competitors, our trainers will train you and your business partners within an operating medical billing office (not a hotel conference room)! We know that the best experience is a hands-on experience. So after your 5 day “Standard Business Package Course” in our office, we travel to your location for an additional 3 days of hands-on training–assisting you through the process of securing your first account.

Backend Support

You’ve decided to start a medical billing business but don’t want to do the billing and coding yourself? Or you’ve landed an opportunity that requires staffing you’re unable to fulfill? Since you’re partners with the Quest family of companies, you have the advantage of hiring your own certified medical billers for a fraction of the cost you’d typically spend.

Freedom of Choice

Our goal is to open your mind and let you create the business you and your family are looking for – part time or full time – national or local. With our Elite Business Package Medical Billing Business Opportunity your choices are endless from software, to services, to pricing, to who actually does the work for your business – at the end of the day, it’s your business and you have the ability to build it in any way you wish!

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Electronic Medical Billing (EMB)

BillNOWWith BillNow, you will be able help your medical practices get paid faster from the insurance companies, and also reduce their number of rejected claims. The solutions you can offer are all 100% HIPAA-compliant, the data is secured and stored on redundant servers with daily off-site backups. All of our systems include all medical codes (ICD and CPT), an unlimited number of users and you can store unlimited providers, insurance companies, patients and claims. The best thing is you have MULTIPLE solutions as no one solution fits the needs of all medical practice’s needs.

Electronic Medical Records (EMR)

EMRNOWOur web-based Electronic Medical Records (EMRNow) systems have the flexibility to work hand-in-hand with any practice’s current work flow and are fully integrated with all of our BillNow solutions.

Our EMRNow systems allow you to present a solution (and make a profit) no matter the client’s budget! Our systems include features such as: voice recognition, iPAD native designs, the flexibility to customize the system based on each of the provider’s specific needs, tele-medicine capabilities, built-in patient portals, and the ability to place kiosks within the waiting room to streamline the check-in process.

Patient Payment Solutions

PayNOWPayNow gives patients the option to pay balances they owe the doctor on-line, in-person, or over the phone. Payments can be made by e-Check or Credit Card and there are no volume requirements. The system includes a Web Based Portal and is a much lower cost option than traditional collection services. Doctors can now send eStatements to their patients (cutting down on the cost of postage) and include a link within the eStatement to where the patient can easily and quickly make a payment. Doctors using the PayNow system are seeing their money from patients 50% faster than prior to using the PayNow solution!

Past Due Collections

CollectNOW_2With the increase of high deductible plans, more and more patients are becoming delinquent in the payment they owe their medical providers. With CollectNow your physicians have the ability to quickly and easily send any and all outstanding balance to the CollectNow team of experts.

CollectNow is a national collection agency with thousands of clients across the country, collecting millions in outstanding and past due balances monthly. With CollectNow your providers patients are handled with the best customer service and respect while ensuring no money is left on the table.

The best thing for you as a Standard or Elite Business Package owner is that you can offer your clients a very competitive rate, no upfront commitment, and get a nice passive-residual income for years to come!

Medical Coding Service

CodeNOWCodeNow will be able to furnish medical practices the information they will need to become compliant with the conversion from ICD-9 to the new ICD-10 format. Physicians across the country and through all specialties can utilize this service when and as needed. The beauty is your company looks like the expert without having to do the actual work!

Coding is something each and every practice needs, large or small. Ultimately a coding contract provides you passive, residual income for years and years while allowing the CodeNow team of experts to maximizing your client’s revenue!

CodeNow is a powerful HIPAA Compliant, web-based application that increases productivity in the medical coding process, delivers a customized workflow, affords multiple levels of access, and monitors coder productivity. The process is simple: Medical charts are scanned, indexed, and securely uploaded to our servers and routed to a coder’s work queue for processing. That’s right, our team of ICD-10 Certified Medical Coders do the work for you! All CodeNow submissions are completed within 2 business days allowing the billing personnel within the office to focus on further maximizing revenue.

Staying Compliant

ComplianceNOWWith the support of ComplianceNow you can bring education to your providers explaining exactly what the Government is looking for during their HIPAA audit process. This education allows your company to become the expert when it comes to compliance and through ComplianceNow your company can offer a full range of HIPAA Compliance turn-key solutions and training to meet all prospective client’s needs.

Through ComplianceNow our Standard and Elite Business Package owners are protecting their client’s financial future while building long-lasting partnerships.

Contracting and Credentialing

CredentialNOW_2Credentialing and Contracting is one of the least favorite things for a physician or office manager to get tasked with. Through CredentialNow your company can ensure your doctors receive the credentials accurately and in a timely manner. Utilizing the years of experience the CredentialNow team brings to the table, your providers will need to complete one application (not dozens) and leave the work to us! The team working for you at CredentialNow will be in touch weekly to update each client’s enrollment status. Additionally, the rates you can offer your clients are some of the lowest in the industry! Getting involved in the beginning stages of your client’s business is a great way to build a long-lasting partnership! Utilize CredentialNow to focus on the work of credentialing allowing you to focus on the partnership!