4 Tips for Balancing Your Business and Personal Life

Balancing your business and personal life is a constant challenge. It may be tempting to put all of your hours and effort into your business when starting out, but this sets a dangerous precedent. Consider the following tips to find a harmonious balance right from the start.

1. Know the difference between productivity & just being busy

How many times have you been busy in the last week? Now count how many times you have felt actually productive.  It seems that between the gym, meetings, running errands, and piano recitals we’re constantly busy, yet not getting a lot done. Instead of trying to do too many things at once, prioritize daily what is important to you.  This could be done by jotting down some ideas as soon as you wake up, or as simple as turning off your phone when you need to concentrate.

2. Get to know yourself & adjust accordingly

Before starting any job, it’s a good idea to gauge what is important to you and to know what type of person you are. Almost anyone can be successful if they work daily habits into their professional and personal lives to stay happy and healthy. Do you work best when you have a full night’s sleep?  People who find themselves needing eight to ten hours a night might want to reconsider late night plans and opt for earlier social activities. Are you an energetic person? Those who need to move can try setting up a timer for every hour and taking a brisk walk around the office or climbing some stairs.  Successful people know themselves and set up their lives to be the most productive they can be in their environments.

3. Set boundaries & disconnect

Another method of maintaining work-life balance is learning to separate and disconnect. When you are gone from work, you should be gone from work. Taking time to enjoy your friends and family is imperative in all our lives, and our loved ones should be given the focus they deserve. You don’t want to be answering work emails while watching the latest animated movie with your kids. Likewise, you don’t want your kids calling the office five times a day asking you what’s for dinner. The best workers create a clear separation between work and personal life and keep those boundaries.

4. Choose the right job for you

We all know the saying that if you love what you do then you’ll never work a day in your life and a lot of people are lucky enough to truly love their jobs. However, even if you can’t make a living being a professional beach bum, you can still find a job that lets you be you. If you love your job, or at least like your job, you’ll be more inclined to be productive and less inclined to get distracted by friends and family.

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