Stay Productive When Working from Home with These 4 Tricks

If you are going from working in the corporate world to running your own business from home, it can feel like you just won the lottery. There are many advantages to working from home and it is a dream come true for many people. However, after the shine wears off, there are also many challenges to overcome. Daily home chores, familial obligations, and other distractions can make it hard to get work done. To stay productive and on track, consider trying these tricks.

Establish Regular Work Hours

While flexibility can be a blessing, too much flexibility may just keep you working all day and late into the night. Setting a start and stop time for your work can motivate you to finish your work within a regular workday time frame and can help to keep you from getting off track. Setting specific times for work can also help you better plan your days and stick to a regular schedule for eating and sleeping, which can help keep you healthy and focused.

Set Boundaries with Friends and Family

Working from home translates to not working at all in the minds of many friends and family members. Many newly remote employees find that family and friends feel it is acceptable to stop by whenever they are free. Unfortunately, this can be a touchy issue as everyone adapts to the new arrangement. It is important that friends and family understand and respect the fact that you cannot just stop working to spend time with them whenever they spot by in the middle of a work day.

Plan Your Meals and Snacks

If you are working five steps away from your kitchen, it is easy to let yourself wander over to the refrigerator a few times every hour. This is unhealthy and will also seriously harm your productivity. To avoid getting distracted by hunger or the siren song of the snack cabinet, plan your meals and snacks for the day.

Get Out of the House

While “working from home” is the dream, being able to separate work from distractions while at home is very difficult for many people. Some remote workers find it easier to get their work done when they take their laptop to a coffee shop or library. Getting out of the house can make it easier to focus on the job tasks at hand without worrying over the dishes in the sink or the dog that wants to be let out every five minutes.

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