The Pitfalls of Being an Overworked Entrepreneur

Starting your own business is exciting and stressful. Every entrepreneur wants badly for their business to succeed, so many spend every waking moment either working or thinking about their business. This overworked approach is dangerous for several reasons. By understanding these reasons and pitfalls, you can work to actively avoid them and make both your business and personal life more harmonious.

Chronic Fatigue

Most entrepreneurs pull the hours that seem to be missing in their full days directly from their sleep banks. It is tough to sleep when there is so much to do, so stress-related insomnia can cut into sleep hours even more. As a result, many entrepreneurs walk around in a chronic haze of fatigue. This state can impact productivity in all areas of life and even begin to undermine health if care is not taken to change it.

Poor Personal Maintenance

Entrepreneurs may skip the gym for work obligations and fail to make doctor and dental appointments because of over packed schedules. Missing these types of health check-ins can begin to take a toll and chronic conditions like high blood pressure may develop. Many entrepreneurs fall into the trap of thinking that the situation is temporary and that they can get on a schedule to take better care once the business starts making money. Unfortunately, things usually only get more hectic as the business grows.

Suffering Relationships

Overworked entrepreneurs often sacrifice relationships with spouses, kids, family members, and friends in order to make time for business needs. As with personal maintenance, the rationale is often that there will be time to make up for lost time later. Relationships need to be nurtured, however, and most people aren’t willing to put up with a spouse or friend that fails to make time for very long. Personal relationships need to fit into the grand scheme.

Failed Businesses

In spite of a heroic effort to put everything into the business, many overworked entrepreneurs end up losing their businesses. The fatigue and stress that come with putting too many hours in often lead to burnout. Clients and employees may also be put off by an entrepreneur that seems to be overstressed and tired, so business and good workers can be lost. Additionally, mistakes can be made when the owner is stretched too thin, which could end up costing the business money.

Tips for Avoiding Entrepreneur Overload

Entrepreneur overload is not impossible to avoid, but it is important to start out with good habits. Establishing boundaries such as set work hours can help to mitigate overload. It may even be helpful to begin scheduling the entire day out, including visits with family and friends and gym trips.

Some more tips for avoiding entrepreneur overload include:

  • Saying no to additional tasks and obligations
  • Setting aside time with no electronics each day
  • Planning mealtimes in advance
  • Prioritizing sleep
  • Taking time to automate or delegate some business processes
  • Taking vacations at least once per year

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