6 Things to Consider When Structuring Your New Business

Starting your own business begins with being curious about your first idea. Throw yourself into life and make observations because personal frustrations bear innovation. What will set you apart from the rest of the human race is that as an entrepreneur you see opportunity where others see obstacles.

1. Keeping Your Career and Starting a Small Business

At first notion of starting your own business, you may have to continue to work your 9 to 5 job. This may create some time and logistic issues, but don’t fret over this small obstacle. It just means that your business may grow slower than anticipated. Focus on the product you’re selling and consider ways that allow you to provide this product while not compromising your current means of income until you can be fully committed to your burgeoning business.

2. Scheduling Can Make or Break You

Your schedule and your ability to schedule may be your one saving grace that helps keep your start-up growing. It’s important to not only schedule your business-related events, but also schedule and notate your entire day. You will be wearing many hats and most times those roles will bleed into one another or even come into direct conflict if you’re not careful.

3. Friends and Family Are a Resource

Focusing on people will help you grow to great heights. Some of the world’s most successful businesses started with the help of friends and family. Getting started with siblings or close friends means you already have the required trust in place. These same people can provide emotional support through difficult periods as well as providing you with honest opinions when those may not be so easy to come across.

4. Location, Location, Location

You don’t have to live in a large city like New York or Los Angeles to have a successful start-up. A lot of successful small businesses started and grew in cities with populations less than 100,000. Those successes benefitted from low unemployment rates, tax incentives from local governments, and being just far enough from large cities, but still having access to their hustle and bustle. Considering where you have to be for the success of your business isn’t as detrimental to its prosperity as you may have thought.

5. Apps Organize Your Business and Life for You

There are tools available all around you that can help you start your business. Better living through apps may be the missing piece to your life and your small business needs. Google offers a whole range of cloud-based office software for free while Mint is there to help you manage funds for your personal life and your business. Their are Client Resource Management tools like Zoho which is an updated rolodex with information storage capabilities that exceed just a name and number.

6. Business Success Takes Time and Patience

Many successful small businesses have grown into giants of trade and industry with the persistence and gumption of their founders. You may have to work on your business in chunks at first, so always remember to think big while maintaining your work small approach. Slow and steady growth will afford you the room to work through any setbacks or issues.

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