4 Signs That You Are a Business Owner at Heart

Business owners come from all walks of life, but have a tendency to have some of the same personality traits that help to make them successful leaders and entrepreneurs. Often times these traits are trussed up and only the ideal characteristics such as “passion’ and “drive” are identified. The reality however, is that most of the personality traits that make individuals great business owners tend to cause conflict and stress when stuck working for someone else. The following are a few defining traits.

  1. A Constant Desire to Improve

Natural born leaders are often looking to improve, well, everything. Necessity is the mother of invention, so many business ideas take root from a need or want that is unfulfilled. In a business atmosphere, this can be helpful as owners continuously work to improve processes, products, and service. Leaders often display a constant desire to grow and improve on a personal level, as well. When working for someone else, a desire to improve can overcome the propensity to follow directions.

  1. Restlessness and Need for Action

Restlessness is a sign of a busy mind at work, which can be helpful when there is a business with countless demands coming in. Restlessness can be seen as impatience or discontent and can be problematic for born leaders trying to work in certain positions, though. A constant restlessness and the lack of fulfillment that often accompanies it is often what finally drives born leaders to strike out on their own and open a business.

  1. Interest in the Numbers

No matter what company or industry a born business owner is working in, he or he will usually wish to have an understanding of the numbers. Profits, sales, customers, and other benchmarks will intrigue natural leaders. This passion will be evident as they work on calculations and review business highs. Born leaders are often promoted to management after showing this passion while working for others.

  1. Flexibility and Resourcefulness

No matter what position a natural business owner is working in, he or she will often display a knack for using available resources to figure out how to solve problems. On a grand scale, this may include delving into multiple industries or taking risks in order to maximize cash flow. At the start, however, it may be as simple as substituting wheat bread for white bread to keep the breakfast special running while waiting tables.

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