According to the 2014 Black Book Survey, many practices see outsourcing their revenue cycle management as one of the key things that can help them stay independent. In fact, 42% of small physician practices with employed billing staff hope to move billing out-of-house to an outsourcer in next twelve months.

Our model is different

Our model is different than others in the Medical Billing Franchise and Medical Billing Business Training Industries –
no matter which package you select, our company becomes an extension of your business. Our goal is to assist you and your business partners throughout the process of obtaining and maintaining clients within the Medical Billing and Practice Management Business.

We are partners with you througout your journey in the field. Whether you choose a package that is similar to a franchise or you decide to create your own business name and marketing materials, our team of success coaches ensure your goals are met (and many times exceeded)!

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We Guarantee our Success in Partnership!

When choosing to work in partnership with us under our “Branded Package” (similar to a franchise concept),
we will literally guarantee your success! If you are unable to secure two billing contracts within the first
12 months in business, we will pay your monthly marketing fees until you close your first two accounts!

Quest National Services is a partner with you and your business – we need to ensure your success – so we
Guarantee that success!

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Back-Office Support with experience

Imagine having a staff of back-office support team members with experience in handling the needs of clients in over 30 states with
over 75 support members! Our team is one of the largest companies in the industry providing the highest level of support to our growing list
of national licensees!

The great news for you looking to get started in the business of Medical Billing and Practice Management is that (if you choose) you have the opportunity to begin utilizing our back-office support from day one – right out of training! Let your prospective clients know that you’re backed by a team of industry professionals leading the industry through faster and higher reimbursements!

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Imagine creating passive, residual income

Imagine creating passive, residual income working with medical professionals in your area while building your business and exposing relationships that deliver long lasting relationships and on-going referrals!

Many people are looking for a business that creates great potential – most entrepreneurs are looking for something that has great financial potential however many are also seeking businesses that offer the opportunity to really make a difference, the great thing about the Medical Billing industry is it can provide both of these benefits of business ownership!

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